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fizaiz cookies
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Sunday, November 14, 2010


hi everyone!this is a special entry to express my thought regarding eco-friendly products!
enjoy ur reading here :))
currently i'm using cloth diapers for my baby as a way to show my awareness in protecting our precious earth!i really attracted to this when i read Pa & Ma magazine showing how we can protect this nature by using cloth diapers..the experiences that i get when use the cloth diapers are very awesome!

besides i can save my cents instead of buying disposable diapers which can harm our Earth!yes!we have to put some effort to wash the cloth diapers but for me, it's easy!i have enough time to wash them because now i am a fully housewife.

my baby, Wafa in her Sunny Minky Cloth Diaper!

using cloth diapers, my baby face no such things like rashes!my baby really comfort wearing the cloth diapers!brands that i use now are Coolababy Cloth Diapers and Sunny Minky Cloth Diapers.owh..i also promote to few of my frens to use the cloth diapers!:) sharing is caring!

now, when i read about the eco-friendly products from Seventh Generation & Lifesyle Green Solutions, i am so pleased to try the products! i've go through both websites and the products they offer is very suitable for my lifestyle and i'm sure it suites you too!try to visit their websites for more details of products!

some of the products offered by Seventh Generation are:-

baby laundry


all purpose cleaner

chlorine free pantiliners

okay, there are so many products but these that i listed are products that i would like to try!

it's important to be eco-friendly to our Earth!if we don't play our part who else right?some may says eco-friendly products is expensive..but remember, not all are pricy!let's protect our nature together today!

**note: lets join this!

Giveaway: Win Seventh Generation Products worth RM300!

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 this Giveaway is brought to you by Lifestyle Green Solutions

1 comment:

Cloth Diaper Malaysia said...

thank you for your entry hafizah !:)


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